Ben Koder

Welcome to my mind.

Op Art poster reminding us of what we are.
April, 2017
Mirror Image
October, 2016
Optical Allusion
My HSC Major Project for Visual Arts explores artificial depth created through the illusion of warped, contrasting lines.
November, 2014
Messing around in Blender
February, 2014
Incorporating my 3D digital design with the theme of 'Tent'.
November, 2013
When I close my eyes, this is what I see
November, 2013
Messing with some terrain generation and material nodes
November, 2013
Corolla Chemiluminescence
Getting back into fractal art, I warp one of my older projects into something I am content with.
November, 2013
Using particle effects to create abstract groupings of basic 3D geometrical shapes.
November, 2013